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Q: Is Integrated Sports Specialties right for my team/organization?

A: Since ISS's creation we've been committed to one mission: providing customized solutions for sports Equipment Managers across the USA. No matter the size of your organization, your budget, or the specific teams for which you're responsible, ISS has the products and services that'll work for you. From high school sports teams to professional organizations, we've worked with Equipment Managers at every level to help them to get the job done.

Q: What's the best way to remove various grass stains from sports garments?

A: ISS has created numerous laundry products for effectively removing tough grass stains and leaving your sports gear looking brand new.  Check out our laundry products here.

Q: How can I best remove those pesky red clain stains on my baseball uniforms?

A: Red clay stains on baseball and softball uniforms used to be a nightmare.  ISS has solved that problem, once and for all.  Look no further than our KLAYCO Red Stain Clay Remover which can be found on our laundry products page.

Q: How do I most effectively use PS Blout to remove tough stains?

A: PS Blout is our most diverse chemical as it can remove field paint, pine tar, eye black, gum, make-up, and any kind of dye or adhesive stain. It is primarily used as a post treat chemical but can be used as a pre-treatment as well. Using a spray bottle, simply spray PS Blout on the stained area making sure to fully cover the stain. Then, using a towel gently rub the chemical into the stained fabric making sure it gets into the inner weaving of the garment.  You should see some immediate pulling of the stain out of the fabric. Next, let the PS Blout sit on the stained fabric for as long as you have time for (the longer the better).  Finally, once the majority of the stain is removed, rewash the garment on a quick wash cycle to remove the last remnants of the stain.

Q: Why am I going through my laundry chemical supply so fast?

A: The amount of chemical used is directly related to the number of loads of laundry. More loads means more used chemical.  If you think you are using chemical way to fast, the issue is typically related to the size of the loads you are throwing in your washers. If you are not filling your washers close to capacity then you are doing more loads than necessary and thus using more chemical.

For example, if you have a 55lb washing machine that means it can hold 55 pounds of dry laundry. The best way to know if you are filling your washer close to capacity is to load up the drum leaving just enough space to fit your open hand. If your thumb touches the top of the drum and your pinky touches the top of the laundry then you are running a full load.  The amount of chemical getting pumped in is based on a full load of laundry, so if you are running half or quarter filled loads you are not only wasting chemical but also wasting time by doing more loads of laundry then necessary

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